Open Source Business Intelligence

Open Source Business Intelligence

Open source alternatives for your BI stack, with an overview of the market, cost/benefits and pitfalls

3 December 2009 (14-21h)
Location: Pullman Diegem (Diegem)
Presented in English by
Price: 590 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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Low Cost, High Value ? - Open Source oplossingen voor Business Intelligence

13h30 - 14h00
Registration and networking opportunity with coffee/tea and a sandwich buffet in the Solutions Expo
Start of this Seminar
14h00 - 14h30
Open Source Primer
  • The Open Source promise
  • Definitions & licenses
  • Development model
  • Myths, facts and fables
  • Linux versus Windows
14h30 - 15h00
Open Source BI Overview
  • Business Intelligence introduction
  • The 'BI Stack': components & maturity levels
  • OS BI Suites: JasperSoft, Pentaho and SpagoBI
15h00 - 15h45
Data Warehousing Part 1
  • Data Integration: physical versus virtual
  • Overview ETL market
  • Talend and Kettle: Are they enterprise-ready yet ?
15h45 - 16h15
Coffee/Tea Break with refreshments + Solutions Expo
16h15 - 16h45
Data Warehousing Part 2
  • Open source databases for data warehousing & analytics
  • Data modelling and management, meta- and master data management
  • Alternative ETL solutions (such as LucidDB and IMP:Palo)
  • Business Rules & Realtime BI
  • Open source-based Cloud and SaaS data warehouse offerings
16h45 - 18h00
A Comparison of BI Suites
  • SpagoBI, JasperSoft and Pentaho (incl. demos)
  • Reporting tools compared
  • Eclipse as BI development platform ?
  • The all-in-one Ingres Icebreaker solution
  • Open Source BI compared to MISOS (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and SAS)
  • Mix & match: using Open Source in a closed source architecture
18h00 - 19h15
Dinner + Solutions Expo
19h15 - 20h00
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Analytics
  • Open Source EPM solutions ?
  • OLAP, data mining (such as e.g. Weka) and statistics (such as R)
  • Planning and budgeting
  • OpenOffice as BI tool ?
  • Portals (such as LifeRay) & Dashboards
Implementing Open Source BI
  • The case for OS BI: When and where to apply Open Source solutions
  • Open source BI compared to MISOS (Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and SAS)
  • Open BI methodologies: Mike 2.0 & Agile data warehousing
  • Managing risk: OS BI implementation do's and dont's
  • BI is never free: how to calculate the TCO for OS BI ?
  • How to find implementation, support, tailoring partners and required skills in the Benelux ?
  • Getting started: where to begin and how to proceed ?
Summary and Conclusions
  • Analyst perspectives
  • The future of Open Source BI
End of this Seminar
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