Achieving Business/IT Alignment

Achieving Business/IT Alignment

Better alignment by better governance, better communication and a more flexible architecture

8 December 2005 (14-21)
Location: Sofitel Diegem (Diegem near Brussels (Belgium))
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Price: 540 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)

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Introduction: a Short History of Alignment
  • Henderson/Venkatraman 10 years on: where are we today?
  • Evolution of the Business/IT role stereotypes
  • How did it end up like this? Did we really deserve it?
  • Trends and evolution in the Business/IT relationship: ERP, BPR, Y2K, Internet and outsourcing
  • The current state of affairs: ranging from minor misunderstandings to major distrust - what made the balance tip the wrong way?
  • The current Business and IT environment: the call for an agile, adaptive, flexible, on-demand organisation versus the struggle with legacy, integration, reputation, cost pressure, outsourcing and job protection
Better Alignment via Governance
  • Governance in IT
  • Impact on the organisation: buffer organisations between Business and IT, and a change in roles
  • Governance bodies
  • Governance models and metrics (such as ITIL and CobiT)
  • Everything is management: project management, process management, program management, change management. But how to manage management?
  • How to involve Business in governance mechanisms
  • CIO and the IT Management: their role, profiles, background and duties

The previous session will be interrupted by a 20-minute coffee/tea break in the information market

Better Alignment via Communication
  • IT people come from Mars... and Business thinks they should have stayed there
  • How to communicate on IT: clarity, simplicity and transparence (Don Tapscott's Naked Corporation)
  • Explaining an IT strategy to Business people
  • Understanding what a Business strategy means in an IT context
  • Building an easy-to-grasp business case
  • Between IT and Business language: "Lost in Translation?"
  • Growing towards a common vocabulary?
  • From Communication about IT towards the Marketing of IT
17h45 - 19h00
Better Alignment via Architecture
  • Architecture as a core IT instrument to meet Business demands
  • How to introduce the concept of Architecture in the organisation
  • How to achieve the ultimate goal: "The CEO should be the key architect"
  • Architecture models: business architecture, process architecture, information architecture, infrastructure architecture
  • Architecture and agility
  • Architecture and process management
  • Architecture and outsourcing: preparing or preventing outsourcing
  • The essence of architecture: more than drawing up nice diagrams in Visio
  • The role of the architect, alignment on architecture internally within the IT department
  • Impact of architecture on the alignment process, and on alignment in general
  • Business benefits of architecture
Alignment in practice: how to start?
  • Towards a 'new deal' between Business and IT
    • Starting the dialogue, initialising the relationship
    • Create a momentum for Alignment
    • Alignment as a cultural change program
    • Alignment as an organisational change
    • Alignment as an attitude shift
  • How to build an alignment charter, and how do you find the right executive sponsors?
  • A New Deal, new instruments: relationship building, seminars, workshops, exchanges, immersion
  • Setting realistic alignment objectives and alignment milestones
  • Alignment task forces: roles, structure and effectiveness
  • Having Business involved in Business/IT alignment: the biggest challenge of IT nowadays
Discussion, summary and conclusions
End of this seminar

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