Mastering the Requirements Process (Workshop)

Mastering the Requirements Process (Workshop)

Interactive 2-day online workshop that teaches you how to get the right requirements from stakeholders. We'll practice the popular Volere process, and use the best-selling book "Mastering the Requirements Process".

18-19 October 2022 (9-17h CET)
Location: Live Online Event (@YOUR DIGITAL WORKPLACE)
Presented in English by Adrian Reed
Price: 1400 EUR (excl. 21% VAT)
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 Learning Objectives

Two days to transform your requirements discovery (+ check out this 3-minute video introduction)

During this workshop, the incredibly experienced business analyst Adrian Reed will teach you how to:

  • Determine the real needs of your client
  • Uncover the essence of the business
  • Learn diverse elicitation techniques to uncover the real requirements
  • Write agile stories that are more effective and accurate
  • Write requirements that are complete, unambiguous, and testable
  • Understand the role of the business analyst in agile projects
  • Use a story map for more controlled development
  • Understand the need for (and how to write) both functional and non-functional requirements
  • Precisely define the scope of the project
  • Use prototypes and sketches to discover hidden needs
  • Get the requirements quickly, and incrementally
  • Discover the right requirements and stories

Our virtual training courses are immersive, interactive and hands-on:

We want you to use this right away. Each of the teaching chapters is reinforced with a workshop where you apply the concepts presented in the seminar. Participants work in teams to discover, specify and evaluate requirements for a significant system by:

  • Defining the project’s scope, its goals and the relevant stakeholders
  • Identifying business events, business use cases and product use cases
  • Prototyping candidates to find hidden requirements
  • Defining functional and non-functional requirements
  • Writing better stories
  • Deriving the fit criterion, or measurement, for the requirements

This intensive two-day workshop is entirely focused on discovering the right requirements

  FREE BOOK with your workshop participation:

Mastering the Requirements Process (3rd Edition)

Get this great book (Addison-Wesley, ISBN13: 9780321815743) free with your workshop participation.

Agile or traditional, unless the product solves the right business problem, it has no use. Your requirements process must discover the customer’s real needs in all their subtlety and concealment.

This workshop presents a thorough and well-established process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, completely and unambiguously. The process is used by both agile and traditional projects.

This workshop shows you how to precisely define the scope of the business problem, to discover and involve the appropriate stakeholders, to use prototyping and other modern techniques to learn what the business really needs, to innovate and find better ways to do the work, to communicate effectively and to write testable, unambiguous requirements and stories.

This workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to deliver the right systems

If you want to be involved in delivering the right systems: the ones that get used. Your title is probably business analyst, systems analyst, product owner, project leader or manager, requirements engineer, consultant, product or program manager or similar. Team members on agile projects benefit from understanding how requirements are done in agile projects.

Users, software customers and business stakeholders have found that this course equips them to participate more effectively in the requirements process, and so ensure that the end solution matches what they really need.

 Full Programme

8.45h - 9.00h
Welcome in the Waiting Room
Start of each workshop day
  FREE BOOK with your workshop participation:

Mastering the Requirements Process (3rd Edition)

Get this great book (Addison-Wesley, ISBN13: 9780321815743) free with your workshop participation.

This programme is spread over 2 days, from 9h00 till 17h00 CET. There are regular coffee/tea breaks and a lunch break. Our workshop leader will answer your questions and talk about your specific business analysis, requirements and/or innovation challenges and problems that you have...

The Requirements Process: a helicopter view

A quick look at the activities of finding the right requirements, and a short workshop to illustrate the problem.

Project Blastoff: building the foundation

This builds a foundation for the requirements project by establishing its Scope-Stakeholder-Goals. This gives you the precise scope of the business area to be studied; a testable goal for the project; and using stakeholder maps, you can identify all the sources of requirements. Additionally, the blastoff ensures the project is viable and worthwhile.

Trawling for Requirements: discover what customers need and want

We show you the most effective techniques – business event workshops, personas, process models and the like – to discover exactly what the customers need — and want.

This section introduces the essence of the problem, how to see the real need and not some assumed solution. It also introduces the brown cow model that gives the business analyst different ways of thinking about the problem, and allows the real problem to emerge.

Prototyping for Requirements: explore the problem space with candidate solutions

Here we use simulations of candidate solutions to explore the problem space, determine that we are solving the right problem, and find imaginative solutions. Multiple candidates are quickly produced which eliminate the assumed solution and provide the right direction for the product.

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are those things the product must do. You discover them by understanding the real work of the organisation, and determining what part of that work the automated product can best do. The automated product is specified using well-formed functional requirements.

Non-functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements are properties the product must have, such as the desired look and feel, usability, performance, cultural, conformance, and so on. This section demonstrates the importance of discovering the non-functional requirements, and shows you how to use the template, and other methods, to find these qualitative requirements for your product.

Requirements for Agile Projects: write more effective stories

Requirements are equally important for agile projects, but you go about them differently if your solution is to match the real business needs. Effective agile projects understand that there are two parts: Discovery and Delivery. Discovery involves understanding the real work and the real problem to be solved to deliver the value proposition. It uses business stories to communicate the Discovery findings. Delivery focuses on development of the product and here we see how a story map provides the best guide to the product under development. We also demonstrate how to write better, more effective stories.

Managing Your Requirements: hit the ground running

You discuss and determine how to make your own requirements process as effective and efficient as possible. This involves incorporating your own organisational processes into the requirements activities. You build a demonstration of how you will use what you have learned when your return to your own workplace.

End of each workshop day
17.00h - 17.30h
Afterwords: a unique opportunity to discuss questions and problems with the workshop leaders


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Adrian Reed is a true advocate of the analysis profession. In his day job, he acts as Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions where he provides business analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries. He is a Past President of the UK chapter of the IIBA® and he speaks internationally on topics relating to business analysis and business change. Adrian wrote the 2016 book 'Be a Great Problem Solver... Now' and the 2018 book 'Business Analyst'

You can read Adrian's blog at Follow Adrian on Twitter @UKAdrianReed and LinkedIn.

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